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How to Right Align Divi Menu Module

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Do you want to right align the menu items in Divi Menu Module? In this article you will find the step by step instructions with screenshot on how to align the text in the menu module to the right.

The Problem

When you add a new menu module the items are aligned to the left like the following screenshot.

Menu Module Left Align

They are aligned to the left even if you add a logo to the menu. They appear right next to the logo as seen in the screenshot below.

Menu Module Left Align with Logo

However it is possible to move the menu items to the right using menu module settings. To align the items to the right you have to change both the settings below. If you skip the first step then you might not see the option in the second step.

1. Menu Module Layout Options

The firs step is set to the Layout setting in the Menu module.

Open Menu Module Settings > Design > Layout and then set it to Left Aligned.

Please check the screenshot below if you are having trouble finding the option.

Menu Module Layout

2. Set Menu Module Text Alignment to Right

Next open the Menu Text toggle in Menu Module Settings > Design tab.

Menu Module Menu Text Toggle

Then scroll to the bottom of the toggle and set Text Alignment to Right.

Menu Module Right Align Option

This will right align the menu items in the menu module like the screenshot below.

Menu Module Right Align

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    • learnhowwp.com

      It is not recommended to use custom CSS if you can do it using the module settings.

  1. John Smith


    • learnhowwp.com

      I just checked and it still works.

      These instructions are specifically for the menu module.

      The menu module that comes with Divi theme by default.


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